With the help of uncle #google and auntie #FraserInstitute, and of course the many brokers, realtors and real estate agents keen about #Statistics #EQAOtests and in a few cases how each school caters to a childs specific needs or aptitude ; I do not have to. nor will i reinvent the wheel or come up with my own set of criterias of what constitutes a Great School , Good School or Not so good school.

During the era i attended elementary school, middle and high school, schools were not rated nor ranked like today. Notwithstanding, i believe the commitment and input of teachers back then is not similar to today, so i believe my personal experience as a student and today's experience as a mother and parent is not a yardstick for your specific family needs.

Similarly, each of us are so uniquely designed and purposed for greatness that a mere matching us with a school is a form of creating a #pigeonhole of sorts where society or culture has brainwashed us into thinking our chances at #life, #success #greatfutures can somehow be predicted, controlled or micro-managed by our #manmade limited pool of information for selecting a great school. 

In my opinion, i value and understand why the Fraser Reports do what they do afterall if there were no standard test in Grade 3 and Grade 6 to apply across all school districts they'd have no way to justify their mission statement, nor would they have a way of inviting, encouraging and empowering these schools to take #teaching the kids more seriously or inspire greater parent engagement, if that's not already being done.

There are many things a standardized tests does not and cannot measure, there are many elements that play out in a school's hallways, during recess, at lunch, during spares, at sports events, during parent/teacher meetings, in the classrooms that #Fraserinstitute nor any #single human can account or rank for us as parents. This is a good thing, because it a beautiful part of relationships, and learning as it removes bias and pre-concieved notions from the picture.

If you can share with me a School ranking that qualifies the following, do share !

  • The commitment of the school as a whole beyond catch phrases, politically correct pictures and motivational pictures on the wall.

  • The tenure of teachers, a transparent and consistent track record of teacher fails and wins, how they are rewarded when they go above and beyond in the classroom and outside of the classroom. We all have heard cases of stellar teachers molesting or abuse (verbal, physical, emotional ) the kids in their care, Do these rankings hit or miss on this? 

  • The school community : Diversity is not a reflection of inclusion and vice versa. Locational diversity does not predict or indicate a healthy acknowledgement or assimilation of cultures, ethnic communities and values.

  • Support for and Application of a diverse array of unique teaching needs - I am not a physician nor do we expect kids to wear labels such as ADHD, ADS, Fragile X, etc before we can step in and be kind, patient, compassionate and understanding.

  • Our kids spend the longest part of their days at these schools, and while all moments are not for teaching, all moments are teachable moments and the truth is not everyone will see or seize these opportunities for our kids, even in these #ranked schools, we must help and empoower our kids to see and seize the opportunities when and if they arise.

Based on this, Do I work with specific parents whose unique short or long term vision is influenced by the Public and Catholic School System or Private School System, Yes I do!

Based on this, Do some of my parents or clients have natural biases and preconcieved notions about a variety of topics , or even a particular school system, Yes they do! 

Based on all the above, is any information presented to be relied upon as absolute or subject to change ?.  Yes, everything is subject to change

If your answer is YES to all of the above, i look forward to working with you !

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